M.S.U. – A conspiracy theory

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M.S.U. - A conspiracy theory

M.S.U. stands for Making Stuff Up

The power of human imagination is extraordinary and the ability to magnify fear on the movie screen of your mind is pretty much unlimited.

So what can we do?

If we know how the mind works we can decide our response to the “horror” movie we are watching.

So how does our mind work?

  1. Whatever we believe to be true, whether true or not, in that moment, is true
  1. Whatever we believe our mind seeks to confirm. If we believe something is bad our brain starts to spot the evidence to support that.
  1. The mechanism on the brain that does this is the Reticular Activator and it is that which will connect the normally unconnected instilling a greater sense of certainty that what we believe to be true actually is true.
  1. So it is up to us to choose.

Looking for the best triggers the brain to spot the evidence to support that and seemingly impossible odds can be overcome.  Look for the goodMake Positive Stuff Up.  MPSU.