Dealing with emotional stress amidst the Pandemic

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Life Skill Coach: Dealing with emotional stress amidst the Pandemic

The Fear
There is no doubting COVID-19 is indiscriminate and that is the fear we all share.  We ask ourselves where will it occur next?  Could it be me and how can I combat a foe that I cannot see?

The Facts
The probability of contracting the virus is very very low indeed.  6 days ago global statistics (Euro news survey) shared 433,877 deaths reports from a world population of 7.99 billion.

The Coping Strategy


  1. Follow the health guide lines in your country
  2. Don’t look at the news every hour. The media need to say something.  It doesn’t mean it is right and news channels always look to promote the extreme, if they don’t, its not news.
  3. Follow a routine each day
  4. If working at home construct a schedule for your work time and your non work time and stick to it.
  5. Exercise.  Stretch.  Break up long periods of static lifestyle with action.  Be animated.
  6. Set goals for exercise, moving changes our mood.
  7. Avoid excess alcohol, the initial high translates into depression later.
  8. And finally, have a plan for your life, seek out positive publications and people. Create your own victories and wins by setting meaningful goals to achieve each day.

Life is for living, not waiting for things to change.  We, your life skills coach, can change our future instead of just waiting for permission.