Maintaining a positive mindset despite the crisis

Maintaining a positive mindset despite the crisis


The Two “yous”


There is the “the odds are overwhelmingly against me” attitude and the “I am committed to making the best of this situation” attitude. Which “you” are you?


The decision rests with us.


To be “under the circumstances” and allow a vivid imagination to dominate our thinking is to surrender to the “I have no control over the situation” mindset that actually is just a form of surrender.


We either to decide to make the best of the situation, or give up.  There is no middle ground.


So deciding to make as much as is possible for the extra time we have been given to add a skill, to study, to formulate new plans and to pursue new goals is our choice.


Remember we are just one thought away from happiness or despair and, again, we decide that.


Happiness is a choice and the moment we set out to be happier we begin to see all manner of things to be happy about.


Yippee life is for living!