Facing the challenge of 2020

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Facing the challenge of 2020

Covid-19 is dominating our lives forcing us to rethink how we live.

Therefore, we now have choice…

  1. To wait for the “old ways” to return.


  1. To decide how we can adapt our way of living.

The issue with option 1. is “when will we be able to do that and is there actually going to be an “old way” to go back to?”

Option 2. is the only way to move forward.  Therefore, we need to decide how we feel about our future, and whether we believe we can actually change our future for the better ourselves.

The key is to set new goals in the context of our changed (forever?) circumstances.

Question One

What is my over arching purpose in life?

Question Two

What does that look like 25 years from now?

Question Three

And in 10 years?

Question Four

And in 3 years?

Question Five?

What therefore are my five most important three year goals?

Question Six

And what are my ten most important “must dos” for the next 12 months.

Question Seven

So what are the things that I must achieve in the next 90 days to move on towards my five most important three year goals?

Decide and action! Choose your personal coach business.