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A Plan for Life

Helping our clients achieve all their goals in life,

total financial independence

and personal fulfillment,

also helping business owners

increase their sales and profits,

build winning teams that really work.




Welcome to my website


It explains what I do for my clients. My work is in three parts.


Life Planning: constructing a financial map for achieving financial independence

Business Consultancy: to help businesses increase their sales, profits and value

Motivation: explaining how goal settings works and how to achieve all the goals you have in life


I have been lucky to pursue a career for the best part of 40 years that has given me tremendous insights into all three of these subject.

We help our clients:

  • construct a plan for total financial independence
  • live an energised life as they achieve all of their goals
  • improve the performance and value of their businesses

We are happy to help you too…