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Malcolm has advised me 18 years from now. During that time, the usual roller coaster of events has been anything but usual. Through this, Malcolm has been a great sounding board, source of advice, and humor and worked hard to minimize the "downs" and maximize the "ups".

- Jon Penn

Having recently been widowed, Malcolm has been a great support & comfort to me even travelling to Devon to attend my late husband's funeral. I have full confidence in his ability to take care of all my financial affairs and, ifI have any worries or concerns, I know that he will talk me through those concems with sympathy and in confidence. When we meet, there is never a feeling that 1am taking up too much of his time and he is always very positive about any plans I have about holidays and travelling.

- Shirley hamilton

Having been associated with the Kilminster Practice for many years and in particular, Malcolm Kilminster, I could not have been with any better organisation that provides the best of advice to guide me through extremely difficult, financially troubled times. The Kilminster Practice has a wonderful blend of skill, expertise and knowledge and with the extra ingredient of "the personal touch" that epitomises their approach to dealing with my hard earned finances!

- Peter Mayo

1 have worked closely with Malcolm and his practice on numerous matters and I have been impressed by his professionalism, experience, commercialism and efficient, friendly manner. I have recommended valued clients and contacts to Malcolm and have no hesitation in continuing to do so.

- Charles Cook

1 have been aware of Malcolm Kilminster’s expertise in the area of finance for many years. He was instrumental in advising my husband as to appropriate and lucrative investments aftef an inheritance windfall. Since then my husband met with, discussed financial investments and built up a complementary trustship with Malcolm Kilminster to the extent that the latter was consulted about previous investments, pensions and savings schedules. Finally all financial matters were placed in Malcolm’s capable hands.

- Annette Crouch

Malcolm has been as true to my investment needs as he was to my husband. malcolm's caring nature has meant he has become a rock that I have quickly grown to rely on for all of my financial queries, even those not directly involved with his remit. i would highly recommend Malcolm Kilminster as a financial planner and friend to anyone. He is descreett, fair and thuthful in all his dealings.

- Annette Crouch