The Kilminster Practice Newsletter 2021 – 5

Rushi Sunak budget 2021

Rushi Sunak’s “Robin Hood” Budget will work   It’s a balancing act   Firstly, Rishi Sunak realises that the pandemic has closed down large elements of our economy and that impacts on employees and businesses alike, thus the Conservatives have not been found wanting in their compassion. This is evidenced in Keir Starmer’s attempts to […]

The Kilminster Practice Newsletter 2021 – 4

2121 can be a great year

Despite Covid, we believe 2021 can be a great year The Two main reasons to be optimistic… Firstly the vaccination programme. This proceeds at pace in the UK. Whatever criticism might be levelled by observers of the process (who, by the way, have no role to play except criticise the government’s every move) the vaccination […]

The Kilminster Practice Newsletter 2021 – 1

Financial Sovereignty and Brexit

The Kilminster Practice Newsletter 2021 – 1   We are reviewing all of our clients’ investment funds and meantime are sending three Newsletters in sequence over the next few days touching on the changed circumstance we find ourselves in.  They are… “Sovereignty” “Freedom is what you make it” “Coping with the Covid crisis” The first […]

Opportunities still abound

Our September Update – Opportunities still abound!   Please excuse the “radio silence” since early August. It’s been an interesting but distracting period of six weeks with most stock markets tracking sideways but no shortage of contradictions. We are experiencing an economic period that is almost unparalleled. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has upended […]

Reasons to be cheerful

Reasons to be cheerful

“Yes we can” not “no we can’t” I am reminded that no one ever erected a monument to a critic but in a 24/7 news channel, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook world suddenly everyone can and does, express themselves and a lot of it is pretty dreary stuff. We are better than that. Finding fault […]

Boris is back

Keep calm and carry on

Boris is back – so, what’s next? The stock market cheered up on Monday and again on Tuesday. Is it a coincidence or are people hoping that the energy that Boris brings will be transmitted to the country at large? There is no easy fix for the millions of people affected economically and emotionally by […]