Get well soon Boris

The news today about Boris Johnson is not good. The indiscriminate nature of this awful virus is evident in, arguably, the most important person in government being laid low by it. Like him or not, Boris is a force of nature. His optimism, determination and energy appeal to all walks of life. The very reason […]

Further to the Stock Markets rise and fall

Further to the Stock Markets rise and fall

Where to invest? Appalling stock market falls yesterday beg the question, what are our investment choices? I have concluded that with the two exceptions of purchasing a residential property or holding cash, shares, despite these falls, remain the way forward. The alternatives Cheap money. Central banks are likely to release more money to stimulate the […]

Business as usual

Business as usual

Business as usual at The Kilminster Practice   Just to advise you that our business is open and will remain open throughout this crisis. Our daily work, in the main, can be completed without the need to contradict the rules so, for us, it is business as usual. Our priority is to continue to monitor, […]

Update to stock markets

Update to stock markets 12th March @ 10am The US travel ban has sparked panic and share prices in Europe and the Far East have fallen again. The US stock market will almost certainly open down again today as well. Oil prices have also fallen and we cannot be certain which way the market will […]

Investment update as at 9th March 2020

Investment update

Investment update as of 9th March 2020 from Malcolm Kilminster Share prices have fallen today It’s Monday morning and the fall in oil prices and the Asian stock markets overnight have led to the largest fall of the FTSE100 Index in a day since the 2008 financial crisis. What next? This is bad news but […]

Investment Update March 2020

Chinese economy recovery

An investment update as of 2nd March 2020   Last week’s fall in share values was promoted by global concerns over the impact of Coronavirus. Originating in China the Chinese have taken drastic measures to contain the virus. This includes shutting down businesses to avoid cross-contamination. As China is the world’s second-largest economy this has […]

What a difference a month makes

A snapshot of the UK’s situation today, 27th February 2020. Less than a month ago we commenced our exit from the EU and each day reveals that a government with unity of purpose can enunciate its aims for the country far better than the EU’s 27 member state’s committee can decide what they want It […]

Coronavirus the effect on investments

Stock market update, the effect on investments This is the third day that the stock market has fallen and this can be the cause of considerable concern, so we are writing to confirm our views on this. The recent falls will be reversed once the almost global panic over Coronavirus has eased. Statistically, the number […]

The BJ effect

The BJ effect and the prospects for successful investing in 2020 Firstly, we wish you a peaceful and prosperous New Year. After three and a half years of parliamentary stalemate, we suddenly have a clear direction of travel for the UK. It is our view that many of us will be surprised at just how […]