Get well soon Boris

The news today about Boris Johnson is not good.

The indiscriminate nature of this awful virus is evident in, arguably, the most important person in government being laid low by it.

Like him or not, Boris is a force of nature. His optimism, determination and energy appeal to all walks of life. The very reason he is criticised as a flawed character is the very reason why the ordinary man in the street likes him.

Boris is presented to us with all his flaws on display whilst harbouring a brilliant and learned mind.

As a student of history, it is no surprise he wrote “The Churchill Factor” which clearly shows his admiration for Churchill.

Churchill too had his flaws but “cometh the hour, cometh the man” and Boris is that man.

If you do pray, please pray for him. We are a nation with an exciting future. Our natural character and values applied in a reconfigured world, post the virus, will give us ample opportunity to be a force for good.

For that good to shine, we need a leader like Boris Johnson.

Get well soon Boris, your country needs you