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“Malcolm has a gift for fully understanding his client’s aspirations and transforming them into a plan of action that achieves all of their financial goals”




As a Life Planner, I no longer give regulated financial advice, but I did so for 30 years.  My financial knowledge, therefore, helps me construct a personal financial plan for each of my clients.

This addresses the five issues which are common to most clients:-

  • Guaranteeing a lifetime’s income
  • Increasing the value of their assets
  • Reducing their personal taxes
  • Protecting the people they care about
  • Leaving a legacy to their heirs and causes

And if you are a business owner, we can help you construct:-

  • An expansion plan to grow your business
  • A winning team that frees you up
  • An exit plan, (if it is time to do so)
  • And a disaster plan, (just in case)

With 30 years of understanding of the tax system, investment funds, and financial products, I am in a position to construct a generic financial plan to help you achieve whichever of these is important to you.

Whatever your concerns, we can help