Investment Update March 2020

Chinese economy recovery

An investment update as of 2nd March 2020


Chinese economy recoveryLast week’s fall in share values was promoted by global concerns over the impact of Coronavirus.

Originating in China the Chinese have taken drastic measures to contain the virus. This includes shutting down businesses to avoid cross-contamination.

As China is the world’s second-largest economy this has also had a direct impact on trading, productivity, and Chinese company share values. Thus the virus has affected the Chinese economy and that has impacted all of China’s trading partners.

The way forward is to contain the virus and return to productively trading with the rest of the world.

As investors what should we do?

Having looked at the most successful funds and cautious alternatives all of them have fallen in value in the past week.

Here are major stock market statistics since 1st March 2015.

01.03.15 01.03.20 Change in value as a %
FTSE 100 (UK) 6,773 6580 -2.85%
D Jones Index (USA) 17,776 25409 0.4293
Hangseng 26,182 26129 -0.20%
DAX 11,550 11890.35 0.0294


Taken over a five year period shares have not collapsed but they have retreated. The USA is still well in profit and the UK is the worst performer which can be attributed, in the main, to the recent period (3.5 years) of uncertainty over our trading status. This will correct itself.

Interest rates

Given that the likely response from bankers will be cut interest rates even further there is no joy in holding money on deposit except for that which you will need to spend in the next 12 months and therefore from this very low point we would argue that you should hold on to your equity-based investments because any recovery will add to their value.

The maxim “buy low, sell high” is absolutely appropriate now and we urge you to be patient as recovery is very much on the cards, albeit slowly.