Business as usual

Business as usual

Business as usual at The Kilminster Practice


Business as usual

Just to advise you that our business is open and will remain open throughout this crisis.

Our daily work, in the main, can be completed without the need to contradict the rules so, for us, it is business as usual.

Our priority is to continue to monitor, research and support each of our clients to protect their investments and meet their income needs. Stock market volatility will continue but the recovery that will follow will be of the greatest advantage if we put thought and considerable research into the ideal funds to be held post the recovery.

As a point to note now, the more that the retail sector suffers and the longer the government extends its own form of credit (quantitative easing) the better the prospects for equities to be the place to invest.

We are here throughout this trying time. Please call or email and we will respond. If you feel our attention to these matters could help someone else, please do refer us as we want to help as many people as possible.

Thanks for your forbearance during a torrid time. Without a hint of bravado, this will pass and investment values will eventually improve.