The Kilminster Practice Newsletter 2021 – 2

Freedom is what you make of it (1)

Freedom is what you make of it

No triumphalism from us, just our viewpoint on what leaving the EU actually means for the UK.

New ways of working, the consequences of Covid-19.

This crisis has compelled us to innovate and to adapt to the way we live. It has also accelerated the use of technology. At the moment this has, in particular, focussed on…

  • Paperless financial transactions
  • Biotechnology
  • Online conferencing
  • Online streaming of entertainment
  • Online retailers
  • Contact via social media

Behind each of these, there are other technologies that support them and they have also developed more quickly than expected.

What this means for the UK is we are now free to pursue new opportunities in all these fields without waiting for a committee of 27 other nations to agree on them and to do so without limitation.

At the same time, we have a sense of greater gratitude for the way this pandemic is compelling us to act. This includes:

  • our gratitude for those who provide care for the people we love
  • or the opportunity to adopt an improved lifestyle with less commuting and more healthy activities.
  • for the extra time, we have to think, and
  • for the joy of the silence

Freedom is what you make of it (1)

Freedom is what you make of it so now we must seize upon the new opportunities open to us

Our liberation as a truly independent sovereign nation once more offers us the opportunity to pursue our greatest aspirations.

We have a government that says it is committed to levelling up, wishing to offer opportunities to all of our citizens and a dynamic Chancellor who will announce tax concessions, free ports, and other help for businesses.

And the financial impact of this freedom? Our future prosperity?

Our success or wealth as a nation won’t change overnight but it will over the next five years. We can reasonably expect to be more prosperous, innovative and successful than most of our European neighbours.

And the potential value of our investments in 2021?

We generally expect the USA, UK and any global company committed to innovation and “creative destruction” to do well.

Europe will also refocus on its economic growth once the pandemic is under control so we can reasonably expect share prices to rise across the globe as we overcome the pandemic.

Freedom is what you make of it and we must seize this moment to prosper from our newly won freedom.