The Kilminster Practice Newsletter 2021 – 3

Coping with the Covid crisis

Coping with the Covid crisis

In our two previous articles this week,  I have pointed out that I am optimistic about the future and that in every adversity there is an opportunity. (Newsletter 1 hereNewsletter 2 here)

Covid has affected our lives in so many ways but if there is an opportunity to be seized upon it is probably that we have more time to think about what we truly want from life.

In normal times we can be so easily swept along on a tide that moves at such a pace, it often deprives us of the time to think simultaneously it can increase our stress levels and often prompts decisions that we feel we “need” to take to alleviate that stress. The term “being wound up” springs to mind.

Coping with the Covid crisis

The “benefits” of the Covid crisis?

The first “benefit”.

So Covid has forced us to stop, and from that more tranquil position, consider what we really want.

Here is a thought… if you are an optimist, print off the attachment, pick up a pen and write down your five most important three-year goals as of today, right now.

Next, ask what is the first step to take now in pursuit of each of them?

Your five most important three-year goals

I wager, among the five there will be at least one that relates to enjoying good health.

Also likely to feature is to be financially secure.

Thirdly to do more of what we love to and not putting it off until later.

So my suggestion would be…

  1. Stop
  2. Think
  3. Express what really matters to you.
  4. Define your five most important three-year goals.

The second “benefit”?

The world is still turning and here we remain confident that the careful selection of investments can ensure you secure a lifetime’s income.

Our conclusions?

If we do enjoy better health, have more time to think, and can securely construct an income for our lifetime, there is likely to be much less stress and more opportunity to do what we love to do.

For our part, we look forward to helping you with your financial aims, once again, in 2021.

PS Fourth article next week will focus entirely on investment choices!